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Showing 1–48 of 86 results

Shop our range of multi-speed chains for your bike, super light chains, high quality chains, hardened chains, premium chains, e-bike chains & more.

Why it’s important to choose a high quality bike chain

Buying a high quality bike chain will make a significant difference to your riding experience, and prolong the life of all the components on your bike. Your chain & cassette will usually wear down together, so using a top quality cassette & chain will ensure that your chain has a long life. and you won’t need to change more expensive components as frequently

Upgrading your current bike chain is a good idea if the chain is stretched or worn & you are experiencing skipping or jumping gears. If your chain skips or jumps when you stand up to pedal or when you are climbing a hill this is the time when your chain is under the most load. When your chain is under load is when it is most likely to jump & skip gears.

Prevent your chain from snapping and causing you trouble on your ride by buying a high quality chain & ensuring it is not too worn for your cassette when you fit it. New bike chains do need to be shortened and will come with a quick link for installation on your bike. Be prepared at home to fit a new chain on your bike by having a chain breaker tool handy to remove links before fitting it. It can be helpful to remove your existing chain & count the links & match this to your new bike chain when you fit it.

If you need chain tools to fit your new chain on your bicycle, we also stock a range of tools from Unior which is a workshop quality tool manufacturer who we trust in our Abbotsford Cycles workshop. Check out their options for chain tools under the accessories page on our site.

We stock a huge range of top quality chains in our Melbourne warehouse and we ship daily, ensuring your bike will be up and running again in no time.