BELL, Timber MTB Bell – Q/R model, Yew! Comes with two separate o-rings to fit all handlebar sizes

Part# 1246B

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The all new quick release style Model Yew!® is finally out and offers huge improvements over our older style quick release bells.

Like the bolt-on Model Yew! it features:

  • A spring loaded piston in the on/off lever for smoother shifting.
  • Built stronger, and all parts are now completely modular, including the cable. and clapper ringer system.


  • Tool free mounting and removal. Moves easily between bikes.
  • Includes three shims to fits 35mm bars (as well as 22.2mm and 31.8mm)
  • New beefier, grippier bands mount firmly. Won’t spin or rotate on your bars while shifting between modes.
  • Made of UV resistant EPDM so they won’t crack or degrade.

So ride hard, ride often, crash into stuff, we’ve got ya!