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Showing 1–48 of 79 results

Rim Brake Rear Hubs

Looking for Rim Brake Hubs to rebuild a rear wheel? We got you covered. We have hubs in just about any hole count, axle type & hub size.

When you need a new hub for your wheel there are a lot of factors to consider. You will want to know the details of the hub that you need, and the features you want. So you will need to consider the type of axle your hub needs to be compatible with. And also the hole count the hub needs to be to match your rim. Or you can go the other way & will choose a rim based on the type of hub you want.

Next you will need to match your rear hubs freehub body to the cassette or cluster that will be running on it. So if you are needing to replace the rear hub on your 8 speed bike, you will need a freehub that will take an 8 speed cassette. Some hubs will take a few different sized cassettes or cluster. And others are more specific. So this will be an important factor in choosing the correct hub!

Then you will find yourself in more interesting areas of choosing your hub. This is when colour of the hub comes in, and the bearing type. The bearings inside your hub are one of the indicators of the ‘quality’ of the hub or the performance. So you will want to consider whether ‘sealed bearings’ or loose ball bearings are what you want.

There are more factors to consider in finding the right hub, and if you need help get in touch! Us friendly folks at Abbotsford Cycles build wheels everyday in our workshop so we can definitely help you find wheel components.