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Showing all 6 results

13G Ebike Spokes

Looking for 13G Ebike spokes for your wheel build? You’ve come to the right place. We stock heavy duty spokes in almost any length you need for an ebike.

13G Ebike spokes are different from your standard bicycle wheel spoke in that they are a thicker gauge. This increased thickness (2.34mm) makes the spoke stronger, and consequently the wheel stronger. You will find building with 13G spokes on an ebike with a rear wheel motor particularly beneficial. Wheels with motors in them are under increased strain & the thicker gauge improves the longevity of the build.

Our range of spokes come in just about any length you could need, but if you can’t find your length don’t worry. We are a wheel building specialist workshop at Abbotsford Cycles and we custom cut spokes in house using a Phil Wood Spoke cutter. If you are looking for Phil Wood spokes, jump on our main website or come in store & we will cut them on the spot for you!

Unsure of how to measure the spoke length or need some more advice before ordering? Get in touch! We are always happy to help with wheel building cos we love it!