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Unior Crank puller for Shimano® XTR FC-M970 – 1664 619710 Professional Bicycle Tool, quality guaranteed

Part# U1341
Brand: Unior

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  • material: premium flex plus carbon steel

How to use the tool:

  • The crank puller is used for removing XTR FC-M970 cranks. To use, remove the plastic ring on the outside of the crank by using four pins on the left puller side. Unthread the nut on the inner crank side with the plastic clamp. Thread the puller with its right side into the crank and use a hex wrench to unthread the nut holding the crank. Now thread the puller, attached with its inner side to the crank nut until it is released from the crank. The product enables optimal efficiency and is suitable for both professionals and enthusiast mechanics.