Unior Ratcheting bottom bracket socket wrench 14/15mm 615248 Professional Bicycle Tool, quality guaranteed

Part# U1335
Brand: Unior

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  • material: premium flex plus carbon steel
  • ergonomic heavy duty double component handle
  • 75 – teeth
  • Interchangeable sockets: 14 mm and 15 mm
  • The ratcheting nut wrench is made for tightening and loosening nuts of 14 and 15 mm dimensions. Special pins prevent the loss of the socket.
  • The design of the Unior ratcheting hub nut wrench enables working in hard to reach places. New shape enables higher torque, reduces physical effort and ensures a longer working life of the tool. Maximum torque is assured by the shape of the handle. The perfect ergonomic fit to the hand makes it easy and comfortable to work with.