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Showing 1–48 of 55 results


Looking for replacement cogs for your track bike? Or maybe your internally geared hub bike? We stock a wide range of cogs to suit any set-up.

From Sturmey Archer cogs that suit their internally geared hubs to hard-wearing track cogs, we have them all here. And in a wide variety of tooth counts to get the ratio you are after.

Searching for Freewheels & Cogs for your bike? We’ve got you covered. We have sprockets in all tooth counts, conversion kits, lockrings & more.

Whether you are in need of a new freewheel for your single speed bike or a cog for your internally geared hub, you’ll find them here.

When it comes to freewheels there are two main types, the ‘EZ’ Off version & the not so easy off version. This EZ version is a patent for a freewheel which can be removed & replaced. Whereas the standard version needs to be crushed in order to remove. This destroys the freewheel, so you won’t be able to re-use it.

The other differentiation between freewheels that you will notice is the ‘notch’ count. This is important for selecting the correct tool to remove or replace the freewheel. As you would need an 8 Notch freewheel tool to remove an 8 notch freewheel.

And because we have just about everything in our warehouse, you will find our freewheel tools here.

Which bikes use Freewheels & Cogs?

You will find a freewheel on a single speed bike that you can ‘freewheel’ on, funnily enough! This makes it different to a fixed gear where the chain is simply running on a fixed cog & your front chainring. A freewheel has bearings inside allowing you to coast while the wheels are turning.

You can convert a cassette hub bike to a single speed cog using a single speed conversion kit – which yes we also sell! This is effectively taking up the space on your hub with a series of spacers & fitting the cog you like on there. While it may not look pretty, it will certainly work.

Aside from track bikes, fixies & single speed bikes, you will also find a cog on an internally geared hub. While you might not be able to see it inside the hub, there is at least one cog in there!