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Dynamo Hubs

Looking for a Dynamo Front Hub to build up a wheel? We have a wide range of dynamo hubs & lighting systems in our warehouse.

We have all the components you need for a dynamo wheel build. In fact you can buy the hub, rim, spokes, nipples, lights, cables & tools to build from us!

That’s because we have the widest range of bicycle parts & accessories in Australia.

Want to try your hand at a dynamo build? You’ve come to the right place. You will need to start with a choice of hub to begin this process. You will need to determine your front fork specs to ensure you get the correct spec hub.
So you will need to determine firstly what brake type you have which will be Disc or Rim brake. You will then need to know exactly what type of disc brake you have – usually this would be 6 Bolt but you will need to check! Then you will need to determine your axle type, and then it’s hole counts for the hub.
Your hole count will need to match the rim you will be using to build the wheel. We would recommend that you go with a nice easy one, a 32H. Easily the most common hole count in a commuter or touring wheel.

Then it’s the easy part, the aesthetics! Choosing your colour of hub to match your bike or your personal style.

And if you have any questions about Dynamo hubs, get in touch! We are the friendly folks at Abbotsford Cycles and we do dynamo builds everyday in our workshop.