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Showing all 44 results

20" Front Wheels

Looking for 20″ Front Wheels for your BMX? We got you covered. Check out our huge range of 20 inch wheels for BMX, folding bikes, cargo bikes & kids bikes.

Or maybe you need a new wheel for your trailer or tag-along? We’ve got those too.

Whether you will be replacing your old wheel or upgrading to a new one, we have a solid range to choose from.

If you are worried about the durability of your wheel, we recommend choosing a bombproof Alex Rim. Another easy way to ensure your wheel is as tough as it can be is to choose a high flange hub. The high flange on the hub will shorten the length of the spokes & make the wheel stronger as a result.

We recommend choosing a high flange hub with short spokes for a cargo bike especially. Accounting for the load, especially on an electric cargo bike, having tough wheels is a good idea.

If you are overwhelmed by the choices of 20″ front wheels on our site, or just need some clarification, get in touch! We are the friendly folks at Abbotsford Cycles and we build wheels every day in our workshop. So we know wheels!