TRP ROTOR, TR33, 2pce, 180mm, stainless steel, 6 Bolt, black centre

Part# TRP031
Brand: TRP

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Single Rotor Only!

The ‘2 piece’ refers to the design of the rotor spider being separate to the outer blade ring.

TRP’s two-piece rotors offer superior heat dissipation due to the aluminum center as well as excellent stiffness to provide you with confidence in your braking and lighter weight in 180/203mm sizes.  Two-piece is now combined with TRP’s new slotted rotor is design. Six recessed slots create channels to allow water, mud, and other debris trapped between the pad and rotor to escape under braking. When debris gets trapped between the pad and rotor braking power is dramatically reduced, these recessed slots maintain a more consistent brake feeling in mixed conditions.

  • Size 180mm
  • 1.8mm Thickness
  • Six slots to remove water, mud, and debris
  • Two-piece design for heat management and stiffness
  • Includes 6- T25 Torx head rotor bolts


Centerlock / 6 Bolt

A Centerlock is a type of disc brake, as is 6 Bolt, and it refers to how the disc brake is mounted onto wheels hub. As disc brakes are mounted onto the wheel hub shell, a 6-Bolt disc brake won’t mount onto a Centerlock hub. This is usually easy to determine from looking at your existing wheel. As the 6 mounting bolts are visible on a brake rotor. If there are no bolts, you know that you have a Centerlock brake. And 6-Bolt is the more common type of disc brake.