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Unior 10mm Ball head Hex driver with T-handle 608282 Professional Bicycle tool, quality guaranteed

Part# U1016
Brand: Unior

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  • material: blade from premium chrome vanadium steel
  • handle – polypropylene
  • blade chrome plated, black anodised tip
  • The wrenches are made of Premium chrome vanadium steel with a greater density at the points of the highest pressure, and such dimensioning and manufacture only increase their extreme power and durability.
  • With their special safety cut, the wrenches prevent the damaging of corners and edges of the screws and nuts by distributing the force evenly over the surface away from the outer lines of the nut or screw head instead of directly on the edges.
  • State-of-the art design makes Unior wrenches guarantee an accurate and efficient transfer of force to screw heads and nuts.